Najbliższe konferencje i sympozja.

Wydarzenie Data Miejsce Strona www
New Instructional Course 02-04.12.2020 Athens, GREECE   LINK
EFAS Hindfoot Specimen Lab Course 12-13.11.2020 Augsburg, GERMANY LINK
EFAS Congress 2020 22-24.10.2020 Marseille, FRANCE LINK
Specialty Session at 21st EFORT Congress 10-12.06.2020 Vienna, AUSTRIA LINK
Foot and Ankle event with EFAS patronage “Experts meet experts“ 16.05.2020 Vilnius
Foot and Ankle Current Concepts 27-28.03.2020 Katowice, POLAND LINK
EFAS Sports Medicine Specimen Lab Course 02-03.04.2020 Paris, FRANCE LINK
EFAS Forefoot Specimen Lab Course 06-07.02.2020 Barcelona, SPAIN LINK